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 hOw tO dO CS1.6 juMps

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PostSubject: hOw tO dO CS1.6 juMps   Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:37 am

Ok... I seArChed iN yOutube aNd fOuNd sOme faMous juMps iN cOuNter-striKe liKe bunNy hOp, long juMp, spaWn juMp etC... So herE iS soMe tutOrialS oN thiS juMps. 
The bunny hop is useful for running away from the c4 bomb eplosion and if you play against awp-er...
Here is froM what videO i learNed the bhop:

bhOp juMp

Watch it, it's really helpful.the most used mistake peOple dO is that you hold the Up arrow (forward) button all the time, you just hold it until you jump for the first time.

Strafe juMp
It's aMazinG tO leArN yOu caN cliMb tO cliff aNd easy to leArN ( tHe videO abOve shOws you hOw tO dO it.

long juMp...
I aM alsO tryinG tO learN thiS move, It's not very helpful, it's used to climb on cool places on the maps (like the cliff on de_nuke..) Here is the tutorial that yOu caN learN frOm: 

mAtrix juMp
haHa thiS iS funNy juMp (mAtrix juMp) yOu caN dO iN cS. it'S nOt very uSefull iN mAps but yOu caN dO thiS aNd maKe yOur eNemy lauGh aNd loSe tHier concentratiOn 
Here is a tutorial (on this video there are: LoNg JuMp jump, strafe jump and matrix jump guide).

Spawn juMp
it'S juSt liKe a spawN juMp, aNd eAsy tO leArN it iS Good iF yOu are aNgaiSt or yOu usinG awp (sNiper). HerE iS a tutOrial:

oK iF yOu have aNy otHer juMp tO shOw/tell abOut plz reply aNd asK abOut the tutOrials iF yOu doN't Get it.. 
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hOw tO dO CS1.6 juMps
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